Global Partnerships

Søholm 4H works actively with organizations and communities in Nordic, European, and global contexts.

NFE & Life-long Learning

We use innovative techniques and methodologies to foster a truly inclusive and impactful learning process.

Positive Youth-development

We focus on creating a nourishing environment for gaining up-to-date knowledge, applicable skills, and positive values.

Impactful outcomes

Our Youth-for-Youth projects aim to generate real life experiences, meaningful relationships, as well as lasting tangible impacts for our communities.

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Trine Søgaard

Board member, Youth Activity Coordinator

Volunteer youth worker with 15+ years of practical experience both as participant and as youth worker.

Nicoline Lundby Hansen

Board member
Youth Worker

Volunteer youth worker with practical experience in activity planning, and implementation.

Frederik Kirk

Youth Activity Coordinator,
Project Manager

Main contact person for international activities, volunteer youth worker with 8+ years of experience.

Julia Zaitseva

Project Manager, Trainer

Main responsible for international activity development with 10+ years of experience.

  • UPCOMING: 7 day training course to enhance youthworkers’ competences to improve quality and inclusiveness of their work with young people.
    CLICK for info-pack

    Czech Republic, Oct 11-17 2020
  • UPCOMING: Søholm 4H has begun a Partner Identification Project, involving a study visit to our newest partner, RETZ, for a 4 day visit

    Zimbabwe, Spring 2020
  • UPCOMING: In partnership with CEFIG, Søholm 4H is starting a 2 year project on gamification methods and social entrepreneurship.

    Czech Republic, September 2020-2022

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Social Entrepreneurship Simulation Game

Run your own social business! Played in teams of 3-5 people. You will need a projector and a laptop to facilitate the game

Download Materials
Social Entrepreneurship Escape Room

Learn about basics of social entrepreurship. 2-6 players. You will need to assemble the room before playing

Download Materials
Change Management

Learn basic models, theories, and tools of creative problem solving and change management in youth work

Download Materials
Gender Mainstreaming Toolbox

Useful tools and frameworks for implementing Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality in youth work

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